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From the heart of China to the heart of Chennai

Zhouyu is a Chinese kitchen that brings you the traditional flavours and cooking techniques from the provinces of Sichuan, Hunan and Canton.

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Gourmet Burgers

Balance of Yin & Yang

In traditional Chinese medicine, the balance of yin & yang in the body is believed to regulate a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Every dish at Zhouyu is diverse and centered around the concept of balance - of flavours, textures and colours, and even cooking styles.

Healthy Salads

Fresh, Local Ingredients

Freshness is a hallmark of Cantonese cuisine, and one we adhere to at Zhouyu. Traditional Chinese dishes also use several vegetables local to India as well! Bottle gourd, brinjal and taro to name a few - with fresh, locally-sourced produce, we serve you food that heroes every ingredient, the Chinese way!

Italian Pizzas


At Zhouyu, we follow a strict ‘no MSG’ policy. In fact, we’ve managed to perfect the complexity of the traditional Chinese ‘Xian’ flavour by layering our ingredients through a precise process. A flavour captured beautifully in our house-made XO sauce, we think we’ve mastered the ‘Xian’ - no MSG required!

Our Story

With more than 26 provinces each with its unique flavour profile and cooking styles, China offers a great variety and depth when it comes to their food - making it every Asian Chef's dream and challenge. Chinese cooking traditions share many similarities with its Indian counterparts - from their indigenous produce to the importance they give to the medicinal properties of food.

The Zhouyu menu moves away from our Indo-Chinese comfort zone, and focuses on the traditional cooking styles and flavours from the provinces of Hunan, Canton and Sichuan. From the subtle flavours of ginger, garlic and scallion - the holy trinity of Cantonese Cuisine, to the characteristic Hunanese punch of flavour from vinegar-pickled chilies with salt, to the lesser-known stunning variety of flavours that make up Sichuan cuisine beyond just the Sichuan peppercorn… Zhouyu brings you close to the real flavours of China.

Visit Zhouyu to experience a rich slice of traditional China.



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Happy Customers

“Expectations were high even before I stepped into Zhouyu for a meal. The menu is refreshing, the food even more so, and soon I had myself enjoying 3 lunches over a week. I love my meat, but it's the ridge gourd with the cloud ear fungus which will have me coming back for more!”

Namrata Sundaresan, Kase Cheese

“If you’re yearning for the flavors of China here in Chennai, the newly opened Zhouyu—sister restaurant to the immensely successful Pumpkin Tales—will tempt your palate with dishes ranging from the unexpected and exotic—try the luffa with ridge gourd—to the comfortably familiar yet tantalizingly unique—don’t miss the Ban-Ban Chicken. The chef’s hand is deft in bringing out the subtle shadings of flavors reflecting the different regions of the country, and even includes a fascinating pure veg Xian sauce, the perfect update of the famous XO sauce. The new digs evoke the sense of China’s best, while the staff provides attentive, gentle service. Zhouyu is a welcome addition to Chennai’s top flight restaurant scene”

David M Hassler, MFA